Discover your optimal sleep routine so you drift off to sleep quickly every time.


Maximise the quality of our sleep, no matter what lifestyle you lead.


Wake up feeling refreshed and rested, every day.

The effect of inadequate sleep on our health and life expectancy are devastating

From a high of 8 hours per night in 1942 not one country gets close to what is still the medically recommended amount of sleep per night. The global average is 6.8.

Sleep starts and finishes in the brain.

Sleep starts and finishes in the brain.

HeadRest is a lightweight headband that provides insight into your brain’s activity before, during and after sleep to allow you to design your perfect night’s sleep. With or without the removable eye mask, it’s supremely comfy design makes for an amazing night’s sleep, night after night.
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State of the art EEG (electroencephalogram) sensors, the headband measures your brain activity, providing real-time sleep lab quality insight to how you’re sleeping.

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Using the latest in sleep technology the HeadRest mobile app guides you how to use these insights to design your perfect night’s sleep.

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Accelerate how quickly you fall asleep.

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Improve the quality and optimise length of your sleep.

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Learn how to achieve the best rest possible.

Whether you want a 30 minute power nap in your office, to improve memory consolidation while studying, to ensure you’re rested and ready for that big meeting, match or race tomorrow, or simply to get a great night’s sleep and wake refreshed like we should everyday. HeadRest gives you the insights and tools to design whatever sleep you want, wherever you want it.
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Using unique algorithms and AI, HeadRest learns what sleep routine works best for you at any given time. The food, drink and activities to avoid before bed, and those that actually help you sleep better. The music, books, audiobooks or even aromas that have you nodding off in no time. The temperature of the room, whether you wear pyjamas, silk sheets or cotton . . . HeadRest will help you identify and design your perfect sleep routine.

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Analysing real-time data as you sleep HeadRest delivers almost inaudible microsecond bursts of white or pink noise at exactly the right time to stimulate your slow wave sleep, optimising the duration, depth and quality of your rest.

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As well as brainwave frequency HeadRest measures head movement, heart rate and blood oxygenation to provide the most complete picture of your sleep, with clinical-grade accuracy. Our software utilises this data to deliver tailored advice on how to improve your sleep.


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HeadRest has been developed by Thought Beanie, experts in wearable EEG technology.

From our dedicated sleep lab and research centre in the newly built £40m Nexus technology hub at the University of Leeds our team of world-leading sleep scientists, neuroscientist, electrical engineers, software engineers and product designers are transforming the future of sleep technology.