Our wearable EEG technology offers an effective wellness programme tailored to businesses:

  • Our wearable devices integrate seamlessly and invisibly into your employees’ lifestyles.
  • This provides a range of self-tracking options, eliminating any inconvenience to the user whilst providing the lifestyle data needed to power a wellness programme.
  • Machine learning software delivers personalised insights and recommendations to the user, helping them to embed healthy habits which will last them a lifetime.
  • Define a structure of incentives and rewards that’s right for business.
  • Align the output with insurers for lower premiums or we can introduce our own financial partners.
  • Share the benefits with employees by letting them build a customisable health currency they can spend on lifestyle perks.

We provide both off the shelf and bespoke packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To find out how Thought Beanie Corporate Solutions can help you and your workforce...

Your people are your most valuable competitive advantage.

Would you pay them to sleep?

Or beat their personal best on a run?

The economic argument to say ‘yes’ is compelling.

For Sleep:

  • Up to 3% of GDP is lost in the five largest developed economies from poor sleep studied by Rand.org. For the UK this equates to £38 billion of lost output. It’s a loss of $400 billion in the United States.
  • Sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning and other vital functions.
  • Sleep loss cost the UK £30bn in lost productivity in 2016 (or 1.86% of GDP).
  • The UK and Germany each lose around 200,000 days of work to poor sleep. In Japan, it’s around 600,000 and the US is estimated to lose as many as 1.2 million work days.
  • The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has declared insufficient sleep a 'public health problem'. A lack of sleep has been associated with a range of negative health and social outcomes, including performance at school and work. The report also states that over the last few decades there has been growing evidence demonstrating a strong association between short sleep duration and elevated mortality risks.
  • The effect is large, but even small improvements can have a big impact. Workers increasing their regular sleep time by only one hour per night, can improve their productivity by as much as 50%

And Sport:

  • FTSE 100 companies that report on employee health or wellbeing consistently outperform competitors that don’t by 10% (BITC and IPSOS Mori 2010),
  • 16 million work days are lost every year because of obesity or obesity related illness.
  • Absenteeism from mental health issues cost UK business around £8.4bn a year.
  • Presenteeism (and employees struggling through without help) costs nearly double - around £15bn a year.
  • Poor health costs the UK economy around £100bn a year.
  • If current trends aren’t tackled, roughly 90% of men and 80% of women will be overweight or obese by 2050.
  • Government support for corporate wellness programs has increased along with rise in health concerns among people with chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes.
Thought Beanie Corporate Solutions can help you and your workforce

Rising awareness of the above amongst employers and employees across the globe – together with rapidly escalating costs of corporate health care and increasingly proactive duties to ensure workplace safety – make it essential for the next generation of agile leaders to embrace the importance of encouraging their people to benefit from a healthy lifestyle. To exercise, to eat well and to get sufficient sleep.

Not only does externally monitored Corporate Social Responsibility make this ethically sound (with associated ratings recognition for listed companies), there are also direct financial benefits for businesses:

  • Wellbeing culture.
  • Sustaining high performers.
  • Competition for new talent.
  • Productivity and absence control.
  • Compliance and risk management.
  • Cost of Ill-health provision.
  • Increased employee retention and loyalty.

To find out how Thought Beanie Corporate Solutions can help you and your workforce: