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Brain Wave Data

Thought Beanie is built on nearly 100 years of EEG research and incorporates the latest advances in machine learning, using the most advanced sensors. Created in partnership with world-leading researchers at the University of Leeds, England, Thought Beanie is currently being tested in a demanding lab environment.

Few consumer devices can claim similar intelligence and credibility. These other devices can be hard to use, slip during use, collect insufficient data or no data at all. Some measure your breathing, your heart rate, your temperature or your movement. The insights from this data are then very limited.

Thought Beanie, however, is currently being used for scientific research on its journey into consumer applications. It is capable of recording up to 50GB of data per a night's sleep. That's equivalent to more than 10 DVDs worth of data or around 1 to 2 Blu-ray discs. It would be long passed lunchtime before you’d uploaded a full night’s sleep data over typical home broadband and probably the next day before you got the analysed results.

Fortunately, you’ll never have to do this. The detailed research data teaches advanced Machine Learning algorithms so that consumer applications work well with much smaller amounts of data. Thought Beanie won't thrash your home internet connection uploading its data each morning.

You can still be sure what Thought Beanie tells you about your brain is comprehensive, accurate and helpful.
So everyone can benefit?
And it works in the real-world?
Machine Learning Insights

Everything Thought Beanie knows about your brain activity will be displayed for you to view in an easy-to-use smartphone app.

The latest machine learning technology makes this possible. Machine learning algorithms are a kind of artificial intelligence that make use of massive amounts of data. They find the patterns that people and other mathematical models would miss.

We already have researchers using Thought Beanie technology to collect massive amounts of detailed and highly accurate EEG brainwave data. They process it with the latest machine learning algorithms. Machine learning enables Thought Beanie to recognise patterns in your brain activity that previously would have required years of training. Recognising these patterns while you sleep allows Thought Beanie to guide you to a great night's sleep. Identifying trends in patterns over multiple sessions –– sleeping or active –– can help you learn to improve them from the Thought Beanie app.

Massive amounts of accurate and detailed data, combined with the latest machine learning algorithms, gives Thought Beanie a unique level of personalisation. It's not just helping you be like the typical sleeper. To Thought Beanie, you're not just aspiring to be an average athlete.

Thought Beanie learns from you, adapts to your brain activity, to help you surpass what you thought was your personal best.

All Night Comfort

Thought Beanie was born in the lab but looks nothing like any lab equipment. Developed in partnership with the award-winning Blueprint Product Design in West Yorkshire, Thought Beanie is made of padded, high tech materials you can wear all night.

Sensors are designed to sit where they collect the best data, and not shift around when you move. Soothing high fidelity sounds to influence your slumber without disturbing anyone else in the room. Artificial intelligence uses your unique brain wave data to generate sounds at exactly the right times.

Thought Beanie HeadRest

Our attention to detail and rigorous testing in the design of the device, and its smartphone app and underlying technologies create an experience designed to enhance your sleep, your performance and your life.

Thought Beanie defines your day.