Real-world EEG Sensor Technology

Thought Beanie creates real-world, real-time wearable technology, which can be embedded into everyday headwear. #wearables #madewithyouinmind

Thought Beanie creates real-world, real-time wearable technology which you can use with everyday headwear.

Using only 10% of our brains is a myth. We use 100% but experience only 10% of our potential

Wearable technology is making us more aware, more mindful. It makes us functionally smarter human beings. It creates data that empowers and informs our modern lifestyles.
State of the art sensors embedded in everyday headwear.

We are leaders in real-world EEG, developing wearable technology that embeds into everyday headwear that works in real-time.

Made with you in mind
Invisible, intuitive products and technology that work. 
Citizens science solutions.
Total transparency and control over your data.

Our mission is to inspire people to use what they already wear on their heads to better understand what's going on inside them.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate real-world EEG into modern life and enhance every experience... from sleep to sport, and workplace health and safe auto-selection of media.

Our products integrate simply, seamlessly and invisibly with your lifestyle and with other devices and applications you rely on or enjoy.