Those were the questions our founders asked in a neuroscience lab 4 years ago.

Back then, neurological tech was largely polarised between medical and early consumer use – with professional equipment in hospitals being expensive, bulky and purely for neurological diagnosis and immature consumer products rushing to market based on weak research and limited development. Neither worked for us – so we set ourselves the goal of creating research proven technology that would be safe, simple and intuitive … with real-time application to real world needs.

Person undergoing brainwave analysis
EEG cap with lots of unwieldy wires

We also knew that everyone’s mind is unique – enjoying a daily explosion of lifestyle choices – so whatever we did had to respect how every brain handles work, play, food, drink, exercise and sleep differently … and avoid narrow solutions, that might try to help you sleep but can’t influence how exercise impacts it or let you win playing sports you enjoy.

Bridging those gaps meant becoming trusted experts in social neurology – to deliver lifestyle enhancing experiences wherever and whenever you want them.


But all this meant starting from scratch because nothing remotely close to our goal existed anywhere – even down to basic component parts.

And we immediately added another challenge – to design wearables you’d want to wear … because you were already wearing them.

Our first 12 months were filled with iterations, failures, and changes of direction – with our seed investors patience and support being invaluable. Our team, which consisted of five people at the time, was spread across the UK, passionate, creative and most importantly, utterly committed to realising the goals we’d set.

Golfer with under-armour branded clothing
A newslpaper article about patents

At the end of 2016, just one year in, we’d already filed three patents. And we had our first functional prototype: a baseball helmet that measured brain waves in a VR environment, and matched concentration with sporting performance,

Since then we closed a further angel capital raise, won Innovate UK grant funding, grew our relationship with Under Armour and created consumer prototypes for Sport (our HeadStart golf cap) and Sleep (our HeadRest sleep mask).

Under Armour logo

Our immediate future holds the exciting pre-sale of Sleep HeadRests in the Summer followed by a Series A financing with venture capital partners who share our vision. And we’re pioneering a citizens science revolution with the first ever consumer lead, research by globally recognised neuroscience universities - where our HeadRest buyers get to be part of (and help decide) the specific sleep solutions their masks will provide.

Our journey is only just beginning. To be a part of it...