Lack of sleep is a global epidemic.

Long commutes.
Even longer working hours.
Real or social jet lag.
Stress and anxiety.
Screen time and digital distractions.
All lead to huge numbers of us simply not sleeping well enough.

Thought Beanie’s HeadRest provides the scientifically proven solution.


Elite athletes claim success in sport can be as much as 90% mental. And your hardest opponent is yourself.

"My mind is my biggest asset. I expect to win every tournament I play."

- Tiger Woods

Thought Beanie’s HeadStart provides the scientifically proven solution.

Our Approach

We are leaders in real-world EEG; developing wearable technology which can be embedded into everyday headwear and works in real-time.

Knowledge is power. Our mission is to allow people to use what they already wear on their heads to better understand what's going on inside them.

Our products integrate simply, seamlessly and invisibly into your lifestyle and with other devices & applications you rely on or enjoy.

Made with you in mind.

Invisible, intuitive products which simply work.
Citizens science solutions.
Total transparency and control over your data.


Complex science made simple. Creating products which simply work.

Invisible hardware. Integrated into what you already wear.
Intuitive apps. Integrated with your lifestyle.
A powerful and easy consumer experience.